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Our goal is to build a powerful and positive identity in the marketplace. It is also our goal to be viewed by our customers and the people we serve as being honest, innovative, and caring of their needs. I would like our customers to view Premiere Brand Meats as a powerful asset to assist their company to prosper.

Our Story

The Premiere Brand Meats Story

Premiere Brand Meats grow form our small family run Meat Market & Delicatessonin McKinleyville, CA The cornerstone of our company then and now is customer service. We know our customers and make a determination to personally stay in contact with them and their needs. We really mean it when we say we go the extra mile for our customers, always have and always will! When we opened our Deli in December 1990, we took pride in the fact that we had more product selection available than anyone in Humboldt County. The response was overwhelmingly great and as we grew one by one we were able to begin manufacturing each product sold in our deli. We were able to take the time with each product to make sure it achieved the high standards for quality that we demanded. We were proud of the products we were selling and our customers confirmed this by virtue of our outstanding volume. Our deli continued to grow until we decided to dive into manufacturing full time.

Our Relocation to Shasta Lake City

In January of 2004, we relocated our operation to a custom state of the art facility in Shasta Lake, California. Our initial forays into manufacturing were sausage, ham, roast beef, pastrami and corned beef and finally a line of turkey breast items. We continue to get into the kitchen and create new items as well as evolve with the needs of our customers. We hold the same high standards today with every item we make that drove us to manufacture our own product in the beginning. Before long this small town deli family were cutting our meats alongside the big guys and more often than not, winning the battle! Taste our products and see what we mean, I’m pretty sure we will make a believer out of you.

Sincerely, Roger Lawson

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